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  • Advice for the Parents of Latchkey Kids August 23, 2017
    With a new school year underway, many parents and caregivers fret about latchkey children who spend time on their own before or after school. According to some estimates, more than three million kids under 12 are home alone at least part of the day. That’s inevitable given the number of single-parent households and families in […]
  • Turn it On August 8, 2017
    As one of six essential nutrients, water is necessary for survival. But drinking it from disposable plastic bottles may not be the best idea. A better choice for your personal health, and the health of the environment, is to drink tap water. Tap water might be healthier than bottled water—which often is tap water—because it […]
  • Before the Bell Rings: Back to School Safety July 24, 2017
    As boys and girls throughout the community sharpen their pencils and get ready to head back to class, it’s important to ensure they have a safe school year. Here are some tips on how your family can be proactive and avoid potentially harmful situations: Make sure your school has your child’s updated emergency contact information. […]
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NEXT BOARD MEETING – Thursday, September 7, 2017, 6:30 p.m. Lake Asbury Elementary Cafeteria

PLEASE NOTE: Next Quarterly Assessments Due October 1, 2017

Pool Hours

The pool is open daily from 7:00 am to dusk.  Any emergency pool closures will be posted on the website.