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  • Speak Easy November 11, 2015
    Whether you’re making a presentation to the association board, at work for your boss or out in the community, speaking in public is no easy task. Once you overcome the nerves, you need to be coherent, informative and interesting. Here are a couple keys to grab and keep your audience’s attention: Talk about their concerns. […]
  • Avoiding Conflict with the Neighbors October 28, 2015
    We all can just get along. The key? Communication. It’s often the best way to prevent and resolve conflict before it reaches the legal system. You don’t have to be friends or spend time together to achieve a peaceful coexistence, but you should try to be a good neighbor and follow these tips:  Say hello. […]
  • Prepare Now for Job Loss October 14, 2015
    With millions of Americans unemployed, some for an extended period of time, those who currently have a job would be well-served by remembering the Scouting motto: Be Prepared.  If you haven’t been a victim of a layoff, it is highly likely that someone you know has.  Let this grim reality serve as an incentive to […]
Board Meeting


Special Meeting – Amendments

Thank you all for your support of the effort to amend the documents.  The proposed changes were approved at the meeting on September 30th.  Whether you voted yes or no, we very much appreciate that you were involved in the process.


Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 – 6:30pm

Lake Asbury Elementary School Cafeteria